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Dry cleaners in Ballito: We are a dry-cleaning and general laundry company in Ballito offering a top class, environmentally friendly cleaning service. We use efficient cleaning technologies and processes which means no harmful chemicals, much better stain removal and ultimately a benefit to you, the customer.

We aim to complete your cleaning and laundry items the same day.

We have partnered with Electrolux who are at the cutting edge of technology with their Lagoon washing process.  It was important for us to invest with an organisation that believes in the importance of protecting the environment, whilst at the same time has innovation, efficiency and effective technology. We have state-of-the-art machinery and are very proud to be able to offer our customers the Woolmark standard of approval when washing their fabrics.

our vision

It is well known that the chemicals used in the traditional dry-cleaning process are environmentally unfriendly, unhealthy and in many cases, dangerous.

Against this background, our vision is to provide the cleanest, greenest, most healthy and environmentally friendly solution when taking care of all our customers garments, fabrics and general laundry requirements.

We expect our clients to be completely satisfied with our service excellence and we will always continually strive to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

why choose us

Environmentally Safe Dry Cleaning

At Dry and Clean all the chemicals we use are fully biodegradable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and kind to both you and our staff.  We value our environment and we also value the care and attention we give when looking after your garments and other fabrics.

Gentle Dry Cleaning

The phrase ‘dry-clean only’ no longer applies. Even the most delicate of garments can be professionally deep-cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals. Don’t just take our word for it – lagoon® Advanced Care is the latest generation of lagoon®, the first wet-cleaning system to have won the endorsement of The Woolmark Company.

The Best Performance

Take advantage of all the benefits of water with the speed and simplicity of solvent-cleaning. Garments are clean, dry and soft to the touch and smell natural.

Although textile wear, dimensional change, and colour loss are often regarded as the most common stereotypes against traditional wet-cleaning options, the Hohenstein Institute in Germany has found lagoon® Advanced Care and perc-based dry-cleaning results to be perfectly comparable. These results confirm no textile wear, dimensional change or colour loss even after as many as 12 cleaning cycles.

A Dry Cleaning Revolution

A revolution in professional cleaning lagoon® requires just one hour to perfectly clean in water even the most delicate garments. Lagoon® is the first water-based professional cleaning system to obtain the endorsement of The Woolmark Company as the perfect alternative for the care of delicate garments.

Respect for fibers

When cleaning your garments with lagoon® Dry and Clean ensures that you can always be sure of a premium result. Lagoon® can safely clean all types of garments and fibers including the most delicate silks, cashmeres and pure new wools (Woolmark labelled).  Special synthetic fibers such as Lycra and Gore-tex, as well as leather, can be safely cleaned with lagoon®.