dry cleaning services

Laundry, hanging on the racks of old clothes.
"Dry Cleaning"
Dry Cleaning technology has changed! We now “wet clean” all items that traditionally are labelled as dry clean only! Suits, tuxedos, dresses, jackets – including “down” jackets, trousers, ties, saris, wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses and much more.
Washing machines, dryer and other domestic appliance equipment in the store
Linen (wash, dry and/or iron) , blankets, towels, clothes, dresses, jerseys / jumpers, and so on
Wedding Dress Preservation and Standard Dry Cleaning
Wedding gowns, curtains, duvet inners, pillows
white towel on a shelf in the closet
Hospitality and Commercial
Curtains, linen and flatwork, hospitals and doctors rooms, schools – blazers, hostels, restaurants – napkins, table linen, uniforms

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